Today’s Cobra Convergence presentation:

Cobra Convergence V calendar:

August 1GI Joburg
August 2HCC788
August 3The Full Force Podcast
August 4Half the Battle
August 5Special Mission Force
August 6Comic Tropes
August 7Toy Polloi
August 8Plastic Battles
August 9Scorched Earth Creations
August 10Talking Joe: A G.I. Joe Podcast
August 11Mary Mercenary Cosplay
August 12Order of Battle
August 13Cobra Island
August 14SEO Toy Review
August 15MacDowin
August 16Mate Mylar
August 17FunskoolRony
August 18JoeMotion Videos 82
August 19JLS Comics
August 20What’s On Joe Mind Podcast
August 21Articulated Points
August 22GreenYeti907
August 23My Side of the Laundry Room
August 24The File Card Podcast
August 25Real Hector Canales
August 26JoeFan82
August 27Jay Bartlett
August 28Code Name: New2vero2
August 29Payneted Plastic
August 30Joe Colton Cosplay
August 31HCC788 final day wrap-up

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A note on usage: The figure versions will not exactly match other websites, such as YoJoe.com. There are some “versions” of figures that I consider to be only variants. Version numbers reflect my view of the relation between figures, and they will be reviewed accordingly.



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