Cobra Convergence II

The year after Cobra Convergence, the three original collaborators wanted to make the next event even bigger. For July of 2017, we expanded the event to cover the whole month. I asked some G.I. Joe YouTubers that I admired to join Cobra Convergence II. The theme was a parody of Mortal Kombat.

This year also had a long and complicated storyline. That was my idea. I wanted the event to focus less on me, and more on the other participants. To do this, I devised a way to take myself out of the picture for a while. A super villain, the Toy Master (played my my friend Landon Cole), kidnapped me in an attempt to stop the Convergence and destroy the G.I. Joe universe.

Each week I would upload an introduction video that would update my plight as a prisoner of the Toy Master, and FormBX257 would call in another reviewer to fill in the week.

In addition to that, each participant included a code in their video which viewers could decipher with a Sgt. Savage Dynamite decoder ring. The code revealed a secret power of Timmer’s, which would save the day. There was also time travel. It was complicated and dense.

Yes, it was all too much. It was also all my idea. It was fun and I loved working with all the creators, but it convinced me the event needed to be simplified the following year. I wanted creators to contribute to the event; I didn’t want to impose the event on creators. Change would be coming next year.