Cobra Convergence 7

Welcome to Cobra Convergence 7 – July 2023!

Below is a calendar of all your presenters this year!

Saturday, July 1Sgt Slaughter’s Slaughterhouse / Woodman 29
Sunday July 2HCC788 / Sparkster 1701
Monday, July 3It’s Chad!
Tuesday, July 4What’s On Joe Mind / Cobra Island
Wednesday, July 5A Toy Kinda Mood
Thursday, July 6Talking Joe
Friday July 7GoFigure / Real American Bryan
Saturday, July 8Snoova’s Corner CafĂ© / The Full Force Podcast
Sunday, July 9The Skull Reviews
Monday, July 10JoeMotion Videos 82 / code name: Cujo
Tuesday, July 11Half the Battle
Wednesday, July 12Pegwarmers
Thursday, July 13Jay Bartlett / Chaplain’s Assistants Motor Pod
Friday, July 14Toy Kennections
Saturday, July 15JLS Comics
Sunday, July 16Action Robot Punch / Audible Interlude
Monday, July 17Order of Battle
Tuesday, July 18Yorktown Joe
Wednesday, July 19Joe on Joe
Thursday, July 20My Side of the Laundry Room
Friday, July 21Rob Vegas / THE-PHOTO-VIPER
Saturday, July 22GI Joburg
Sunday, July 23Ratface44 Reviews
Monday, July 24Island of Misfit Toys Collectors
Tuesday, July 25Treasures for Trigger
Wednesday, July 26Anything Joes
Thursday, July 27Toy DOMination
Friday, July 28Code Name: new2vero2
Saturday, July 29Articulated Points
Sunday, July 30Podcast from the Pit / AgentChuckles
Monday, July 31Wrap-up video