Cobra Convergence IV

Cobra Convergence IV was another quantum leap above the previous year’s event. We had new Cobra content every day in the month of July, 2019! We also expanded beyond YouTube to include podcasts, blogs, and artists. More prestigious YouTube channels were added.

A new element was added: “turn it blue!” We encouraged everyone to turn their branding blue in support of the event. The theme was a parody of Avengers: Infinity War. We had a storyline again, but this time it was spearheaded by Timmer. Participation in the storyline was voluntary, but I was happy to volunteer.

Greater fan participation was encouraged. I invited all G.I. Joe fans to create their own Convergence content, just like the year before. This time, though, I would make a whole montage video with the submissions from G.I. Joe fans every week!

The announcement of the lineup was special. The first people to see the official launch video was at my panel at JoeFest in Augusta, GA. It was my privilege to stand in front of a room of G.I. Joe fans and announce the excitement they could expect that year.

Forgotten Figures: 1983 Cobra Commander