Resources for Cobra Convergence V

Official logos

These logos are for featured participants. The logos for fan participants is altered slightly. Only featured participants will have access to these logos.

CCV logo original
Condensed CCV logo
CCV logo on blue background
Close-up “V”

Collaboration google drive folder

This shared Google Drive folder has the launch video file and the thumbnail. You can use this to exchange large files among collaborators. Anything too big for email can go here.

Message board

Some folks may still be posting in the old message board, so it wouldn’t hurt to check there, too:

Social Media Accounts

The Facebook group only for featured participants:
Cobra Convergence Collaborators.

These are the official accounts I encourage everyone to follow and share for all CCV updates:

Twitter: @CobraConvergen1

Official Cobra Convergence Facebook Page

Unofficial Cobra Convergence Facebook Group (operated by a fan)

The HCC social media accounts aren’t “official” CCV page, but I will be promoting everything on those accounts as well.

HCC788 on Facebook

HCC788 on Twitter: @hcc788


To promove the event on Twitter, use #CCV and/or #CobraConvergenveV. Tag @CobraConvergen1 so that account can share tweets.