Join Cobra Convergence 6!

Everyone can participate in Cobra Convergence 6! Check out this video for info!

How to join the Convergence:

  • Create something Cobra-related in the month of July, 2022!
  • Send a link for your creation to with “CC6” in the subject line.
  • Email by 5:00 PM US Central Time each Friday in July.
  • Clips will be taken from all contributions and put in a weekly promotional video published on the Hooded Cobra Commander 788 YouTube channel every Monday, and one big final video at the end of the month!
  • Tag #CC6 in Twitter!

The final date to be included in the last promotional video for the month will be July 29 at 5:00 PM, and the final promotional video will go up Saturday, July 30. Adult content and material that would violate YouTube’s terms of service cannot be included.

Below you will find logos you can use in your Cobra Convergence content!

HCC788 will have discretion about what clips or images from your work to use in the video, and if any submissions would violate the rules. There will not be time to send everyone a preview of the video. Since there will be a volume of material to edit every week, I will not be able to take special requests and instructions. HCC788 does not take any ownership in your work, only limited permission to include it in the weekly video and the final video of the event. The promotional videos will not be monetized on YouTube.

Are you not a content creator? You can still get involved! Turn your logos, avatars, and backgrounds to COBRA BLUE for July! Let’s turn the whole world blue for COBRA CONVERGENCE!