The HCC788 channel would not be what it is without the support of friends! There are also some other great G.I. Joe resources on the internet! Check them out– you will not be disappointed!

Nonstop Pop! – Comic strips and great art! By friend of the show Geoff Adams.

Die Cast Enterprise – A podcast dedicated to Star Trek: The Next Generation!

FormBX257 – The gold standard for G.I. Joe toy reviews on YouTube!

Half the Battle –¬†Entertaining reviews of all aspects of vintage G.I. Joe!

Joefan82 – Reviews of modern G.I. Joe, for fans of the new stuff!

Comic Tropes – Smart, fun, in-depth reviews of comic books!

Cyber-Tiger Retro Toy Showcase and Reviews – Reviews of more than just G.I. Joe!

The Finest – A G.I. Joe costume club that produces an annual charity calendar!

What’s On Joe Mind – Long-running G.I. Joe podcast!

GI Joburg – A G.I. Joe podcast from South Africa! – The primary source for G.I. Joe info! – Look at 360 degree turn-around images of vintage Joes, buy posters, books, and more! – Comprehensive listings of G.I. Joe animated character appearances!

Joepedia – G.I. Joe encyclopedia!

JMM’s G.I. Joe Comics Home Page – Listings of G.I. Joe character appearances in the comic books!

Joe on Joe Podcast – Looking at episodes of the G.I. Joe cartoon!