Cobra Convergence III

Cobra Convergence III hit in July of 2018, and it vastly expanded on the previous year’s event. The theme was “underrated Cobras.” We brought in bigger channels and more a more diverse set of creators. There was no storyline that year, much to Timmer’s chagrin. The event was becoming what I hoped it would be: a community-wide event that devoted the entire month to collaboration, creativity, and inclusiveness.

To help fill out the calendar, I posted CCIII videos every Sunday. There were some creators that I wanted to include, but they were left out. The event was still centered on YouTube. There were a lot of G.I. Joe fans creating great work outside of YouTube. I needed to cast a wider net. I would keep trying to bring in more voices and connect the community.

One way to expand the coverage of Cobra Convergence was to invite everyone in the community to create their own content, which I would promote at the end of each of my videos. Some of those creators became full featured participants the following year!